Friday, July 28, 2006

End of week one - slow progress thus far

Friday afternoon and time to call it a day. Can't say I've made anywhere near as much progres as I'd have liked, but am hopeful things will pick up next week [and that the weather cools down a little]. Here's your Extract of the Day from the work in progress:
It was common for IPC comics to have a fictional character as their editor, providing a voice for the title to communicate with its readers. O’Neill says the creation of 2000 AD’s editor, Tharg the Mighty, was a convoluted process: ‘It was one of those pow-wows in the office. Pat and Kelvin sat opposite each other and I saw behind a partition, directly behind Kelvin’s desk.

'They had these ranting conversations, lots of swearing and cursing. The people from Buster always complained, somebody leaned over and asked them to mind their language. Pat and Kelvin had a poisonous, venomous hatred of cosy editorial chats seen in the likes of Valiant, that sort of kindly Uncle Editor stuff. They wanted to do the opposite of that, an irreverent sort of editor figure.’

Target wordcount: 120,000. Current wordcount: 10,421.


Blogger Dweezil2 said...

Hi, there! Good luck with the project, David. I personally can't wait for the finished article. 2000ad deserves a serious historical document, to rival the Mega-History book. Hope this will be a lavishly illustrated affair too.

6:33 AM  

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