Saturday, November 25, 2006

TPO: first review up on

An early review of the TPO book has been posted on by S. E. Croft-Perkins [a.k.a. Logan from the Dredd fanzine Class of 79]: I've been lucky enough to read a proof of David's TPO book and can highly recommend it to any one who has ever read the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. The book is around 40,000 words longer than the original articles that appeared in the Judge Dredd Megazine which in themselves came in at around 80,000 words so far more information than fans of 2000 AD have seen before. From inside information from creators to interviews and comments made by many of the people involved in the gestation, birth and growing pains of 2000 AD through its formative years right up to its 30th Anniversary. If at any time you've been touched by the hand of Tharg or are fans of many of today's best known creators then Thrill Power Overload is a book for you. Nice - thanks for that, Logan!

I love the listing for the TPO book - at the top if you order and pay for the book now, it will usually be delivered in 2-4 weeks. Lower down it says the tome isn't published until February 20008! Well, neither of these statements is accurate. The book is due out February 2007, so there's still about 14 weeks to go. Can't wait!


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